Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letters to our Sons | August

Each month, I am sharing a personal post with a letter to my son. A group of mothers and photographers joined together for this project to preserve memories and share our love for our little boys.

Dear Abram,
The end of summer is always a bit heartbreaking. This year especially as you head to Pre-K, and I realize just how big you are getting. We squeezed in as much fun as we could during the last weeks of summer, though.
We went to three homecomings for the parades and carnival rides and enjoyed time with several friends. Compared to other four year old boys, you are apprehensive about trying new things like the ferris wheel. You are no daredevil, instead choosing to be very careful about climbing on the playground equipment or jumping off rocks. You aren't shy, but you definitely want to choose who to talk to and when on your terms.
You wouldn't go down the big slide on your own, so I got to ride with you. Even though you loved it, you weren't ready to try a second time on your own.

You decided to brave this roller coaster. I was surprised, and you were beaming when you saw me and your dad waiting afterward.
photoweb And even though I was sad our together time had to end, look at how excited you were on your first day of Pre-K!

I love you, Sweetpea. You're the best.
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