Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Letters to Our Sons | July

Each month, I am sharing a personal post with a letter to my son. A group of mothers and photographers joined together for this project to preserve memories and share our love for our little boys.

Dear Abram,
There are many things I hope I won't forget about you as a 4 year old. A few that really make my heart melt:

1. The way you talk.
I know the quirks to your speech will soon be lost. I love hearing your little voice turn "here" into a 2-syllable "heeyah", how you went to see a movie at the "movie-ah-theatah", and how so many of your sentences end with an abruptly loud "OKAY?!?"

I caught a "heeyah" or two on video:

2. The sweet things you do to show you love Mommy.
At more than one teeball game this season, you just couldn't contain the need to show me how much you love me. When you were supposed to be on the field. Once it was, "I have a flower for you, Mommy!" and you running off the field immediately to make sure I got it. Another time it was, "I want to give you a kiss!" and you strutted right off the field making kissy faces all the way and plopped down on my lap when you reached me. And then you ran the bases with a flower you found at 2nd just to get it to me. Here you come with a big smile and clover squeezed tight in your right hand:


3. How you play. And play. And play.
I could offer you just about any activity, any day, and you would say, "No, I just want to play." Or you would want to confirm with me, "And play???" This would be your answer if I asked if you wanted to go buy new toys, go to the pool, go to the park. Even if it sometimes drives me batty, I love that you LOVE to just play. You pretend superheroes and characters from movies most. You shove toys about a centimeter from my eyes and force me to take them and be who you see fit. When you play, you are always right and you know all the rules. If I try to add something in to the story in your head, you look at me like I am just trying to be silly and quickly direct me on the RIGHT way to pretend.
Try not to grow up, little boy.

Iloveyou, SweetPea.

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