Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Abram,
You make me happy.
I love to hear your voice and the sweet and silly things you say. Out of nowhere and always in the middle of dinner, you look over and say "hug" and throw your arms out wide.
blog_02 It is fun to have someone to dance with me or make up a crazy song and sing REAL LOUD with me. We have dance parties in the living room. You have a signature move: hands on the floor, one foot in the air, bouncing on the other. During the drive to school in the morning we sing "P U R P L E purple purple... Purple grapes on the VINE!" Top of our lungs.
blog_03 I am glad that sometimes you pull me away from the couch and make me chase you in circles around the staircase or play hide and seek. ("You'll never find me!" followed by giggles is such a joyful sound.)
blog_01 You let me be a kid with you. I think life would be pretty boring if it weren't for that.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Look at these faces! With a 2nd birthday and Valentine's Day approaching, presents AND kisses on the way, who wouldn't be happy?
Plus tickles from Mommy can't hurt.
Baby Adalyn Jean belongs to my cousin, Bobby, and his beautiful wife, Amanda. I just adore Adalyn's squishy face!
I know it can make parents nervous wondering how their newborn photo session will go. Handing over your precious little one isn't easy, especially at just a few days old. This baby girl didn't want to spend any time naked OR sleeping, and we were still able to get beautiful photos because Mom and Dad were willing to be in the photos with her. I always ask that new parents be prepared to at least have their hands in photos, and I always hope they are willing to be in at least a few photos with baby. These are the kind of pictures that make my heart happy. These are the photos that your little one will look back at in the future and see not just how squishy cute she was, but how much love she received from the moment she was born.