Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Abram,
This month you turned 4 years old. On your last day of being 3, you did your normal. Playing with toys, singing a song, talking talking talking. We read together at bedtime - one book for Dad, one for Mom and, as always, you read a book to us, too. You have a growing list of sight words you can read: go, see, my, you, the, is, up, red, Mom, yes, Dad, and no. I rarely see you being serious, but you put your whole heart into getting all the words right each night.

You had a Ninja Turtle birthday party with your friends, and family came over for cake and ice cream to celebrate your day. You were excited about the Legos, superheroes, Ninja Turtles, cars, and books. Not surprisingly, even after all that fun with your friends and an hour of swimming, you weren't ready for a nap. You have always had more energy than I could drain with any amount of fun or exercise.
For a special treat on your birthday, we took you bowling for your first time, let you play in the arcade, then out for ice cream. I tell you all the time, but seeing you smiling makes me happy.
Before your birthday, you promised that you would continue to visit us, but just for a little while. I am so glad you decided to stay!
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