Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Each month, I am sharing a personal post with a letter to my son.  A group of mothers and photographers joined together for this project to preserve memories and share our love for our little boys. 

Dear Abram,

I spend a lot of time in wonder over you and your "windy" personality.  Daddy and I asked you to tell us a story while we were on the car ride back from our weekend in Texas.  The clock ticked by for 18 minutes from start to finish of your tale about Mario and Luigi while we glanced at each other, happy to hear you talk-talk-talking.  You are absolute, matter-of-fact when you talk.  If someone gives you the chance to strike up conversation (the grocery store clerk, a waiter, the librarian) you go on and tell them how awesome Iron Man is and every little thing you can think of about whatever is on your mind, even as we walk away.  I wonder if these people you trap with your intense excitement see how special you are. 

I wonder at your little heart of gold.  You seem to be bursting at the seams full of love for your family, biggest smile when we do a "family hug" and jumping for joy when you hear you get to spend the night with grandparents or see an aunt or uncle.  You are not shy with kisses and big squeezy hugs for your cousins or favorite friends.  You tell me about the mean things that happen at school and how you try to make sure everyone is nice and gets to play.  My heart breaks a little each day you come home upset after school.  I didn't expect such big kid emotions and friendship issues from a 4 year old.  Not surprisingly, you tell me about getting "focus time" at school because you wouldn't sit or be quiet at circle. 
Keep on talking.  Be loving and true to your feelings.  Don't stop being you.


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Saturday, April 13, 2013

This family had to reschedule a session back in December, and it took us until March to find another time when the whole family would be together again. Somehow despite horrible weather forecasted, we ended up with the perfect afternoon. Good thing, too, as two of the family members were getting ready to move to California!
There are four generations in these family photos and THREE little girls - the third just hasn't made her arrival yet. I am lucky I will get to meet her for her first photos with big sister in August.