Friday, January 25, 2013

I am involved in a project this year where I will be writing a letter to my son each month. I knew from the start this was going to be difficult. I am an okay writer. I can spit out a report like it's nothing. This is different, though, because it is important to ME and needs to express emotion. I could have chosen to share this on my personal blog, but my hope is that this will reach more people here and that clients can get to know a little more about me through the project. Here goes!

Dear Abram,

Someday, most likely when you have kids of your own, you will wonder what you were like as a toddler. Through my eyes, you are fun-loving. Every moment is a chance to play. Lately, you play Avengers (you always get to be your favorite, Iron Man, and I always get assigned to be Captain America). I see why you don't always have good days at school. You are rarely serious, always seeking smiles by making a funny face or noise, or by wiggling or dancing. Someone might descrive you as "silly" and mean that you are hyper or don't do what is expected. I see that you are light-hearted and want everyone to be part of your fun. You are a happy child.


Through my eyes, you are eager to learn even if you don't appear serious about it. Your latest is wanting to read. You only know a few sight words, but when you look at a book with me or see the words to a song that is playing, you make sounds like you are starting to sound out each word as you hear it. This makes my heart skip a beat every time - it is the kind of thing that makes a teacher-mommy proud. You also want to share what you know - in a kind of excited way that I can only hope will last. Your Papa Steve says you are "windy", but I see it is just your way to solidify what you know. You NEED to share and will tell what you know to anyone who gives a hint that they will listen. You are friendly.
Through my eyes, you are smart. You make up words of your own constantly like a tale from Dr. Seuss. Even this morning you were telling me how some toy was a "zuzzer". "What does it do?" I asked. Zuzzes. Silly me! You love learning about animals from Daddy and have quite a repertoire of animal facts you can spout off. You can build a complex car from Legos - perfectly symmetrical with exhaust and headlights and a fancy spoiler. You are amazing.


Most of all, you are loved.

I love you big,


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I was excited when I received a beautiful Christmas card featuring this photo from Nolan's fall session at Willoughby Heritage Farm in Collinsville.


He looks like such a little man in his handsome sweater!