Monday, February 25, 2013

Letters to Our Sons | February

Dear Abram,
You make me happy.
I love to hear your voice and the sweet and silly things you say. Out of nowhere and always in the middle of dinner, you look over and say "hug" and throw your arms out wide.
blog_02 It is fun to have someone to dance with me or make up a crazy song and sing REAL LOUD with me. We have dance parties in the living room. You have a signature move: hands on the floor, one foot in the air, bouncing on the other. During the drive to school in the morning we sing "P U R P L E purple purple... Purple grapes on the VINE!" Top of our lungs.
blog_03 I am glad that sometimes you pull me away from the couch and make me chase you in circles around the staircase or play hide and seek. ("You'll never find me!" followed by giggles is such a joyful sound.)
blog_01 You let me be a kid with you. I think life would be pretty boring if it weren't for that.
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Dee Sisk said...

Carrie, he is so handsome and I love that he says "Hug". My little guy just randomly kisses my forehead. It's those little moments that mean the world to us moms! :)

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