Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letters to Our Sons | June

Each month, I am sharing a personal post with a letter to my son. A group of mothers and photographers joined together for this project to preserve memories and share our love for our little boys.

Dear Abram,

Your imagination never stops. The words I hear from you most are "I love you!" and "Do you want to pretend?" And since you have been sticking your tongue out in nearly every posed photo I try to take, I decided to take you out and let you have it YOUR WAY for photos. Pretend!

And sometimes you jump right in front of the camera and give me a sweet smile with your dimple!


I hope you will remember me as a mommy who wasn't afraid to be silly and pretend with you. Maybe you will remember playing together when we chase around like monsters at the park, use sticks as magic wands in the backyard, and circle the stairwell over and again finding super power mushrooms and getting unfrozen. And as much as you love to imagine you are someone else, remember that the best thing to be is you.

I love you sweet pea,


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Alise said...

Did you use a Lensbaby by chance? I love the last image...those eyes! So full of life, energy and curiosity!

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